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The only Italian certified company of specialists in aircraft cleaning & detailing for business aviation.

Born in 2008, All Flying Services made the most from the professional experiences of the founders, deeply involved for many years in the aviation industry. That brought very soon to play a significant role as a specialized cleaning supplier in the business aviation field, becoming rapidly the first Italian company structured and certified: a market landmark.

We rely on specialized manpower to accomplish our job in the finest possible way, they are highly prepared with skills and expertise by international standards. Our Station Manager is always available on site to recognize needs, provide “aviation certified” solutions and to guarantee perfect timing.


We guarantee

Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Top insurance coverage
Highly trained and certified manpower
Use of high quality aviation products
Availability 24/7, all year round
Quick response, even on short notice
Customized services and solutions

We share the same passion for your aircraft and we strive with a goal: trying to give you the same sensation of proud and satisfaction felt the day you first step into your brand new aircraft.
We do believe in making research to constantly discover the best professional aircraft detailing products, always aiming to reduce the effects to the environment.
That’s why we follow a strict method of waste disposal, and that’s the reason why we're switching over to full electric solutions for our transportation.

Leopoldo Guidi

Founder & Managing Director


Interior Services
A wide range of services dedicated to interior care.
Basic interior cleaning

Cleaning of hard surfaces (woodwork, metallic surfaces, mirrors), cleaning and removing finger prints from pax amenities (iPads, sat phones, ash trays, cup holders and monitors), pax windows cleaning, seats wipe down and seat belts stowing, newspapers and magazines repositioning, toilet area cleaning and sanitizing, sink cleaning. Vacuum cleaning of the entire passenger cabin and passageways, including seat rails. Waste disposal and bin bags replace both for galley and for toilet.
The cockpit may be cleaned and vacuumed only on request.

Interior deep cleaning

Beyond the basic cleaning, it’s a detailed interior care process. Provides carpet spot cleaning and shampoo with injection-extraction procedure, cleaning and protection treatment of leather seats, leather panels and ceiling, thoroughly cleaning inside galley, oven and microwave cleaning, emptying and cleaning of drawers and luggage storage areas. Main entry steps sweeping, Hand rail cleaning and finger prints removing.

Leather deep cleaning & conditioning

Deep cleaning and conditioning the leather to enhance the natural softness of surface. It is also possible to treat ink stains with a process developed specifically for precious leather.

Carpet washing / Carpet spot removal

Vacuuming of cabin and cockpit carpets, followed by a deep cleaning with cool water process that won’t shrink the carpet or saturate the carpet backing.
Injection extraction machine removes 98% of all applied solutions instantly and prevents over-wetting, accelerating dry time. Stains and spots are treated with special solutions to remove or reduce it.

Cabin disinfection

Disinfection and sanitization of the entire aircraft cabin, by full compliance with safety standards against Sars Cov-2

Exterior Services
Services provided to increase life and shine of the paint, preventing fast deterioration of the exterior surfaces
Exterior dry hand-washing

Detailed handmade dry-cleaning of the entire exterior surfaces, from tip to tail, with specific products to give more brightness and to protect the paint of the aircraft. It includes landing gears cleaning

Quick turn-around exterior

Quick dry-cleaning of specific external surfaces, it removes debris or insects localized on the windshield, on the nose cone, the leading edges and engine inlets. Remove security seals residue from around entry door

Brightwork polishing

Brightwork buffing and polishing processes to remove oxidation, minor scratches and water spots in order to bring brilliance back. It’s applied to leading edges, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, cockpit windshield frames, APU shrouds, thrust reversers, engine inlet rings and throats

Paint polishing

Machine buffing and polishing of the exterior paint, to remove oxidations and to restore enhanced colors to make the surfaces shining again.

Paint sealer application

Application of a specific product (Xzilon) that protects against environmental damage and prevents contaminants from the surface of the aircraft. It gives a glossy layer and protects against extreme atmosphere agents and UV rays, preventing oxidation or paint fading and simplifying the cleaning operations.

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